Everything There Is To Know About The Gigantrite In Throne And Liberty

The Gigantrite or “Space Whale” is a timed event and mode of transport within Throne And Liberty, it can be observed floating over Laslan and Stonegard up to 9 times a day depending on the schedule.

The Gigantrite

The Gigantrite

The Gigantrite is a timed event within the world of Throne And Liberty, showing up once every few hours to complete a tour of the Laslan and Stonegard territories before retreating to the safety of the oceans close to Saurodoma Island. A Gigantrite is a mythical being, its best described as a Space Whale. While it does reside in the oceans of Throne And Liberty it also patrols its skies.

The Benefits

Once the Gigantrite appears from the waters of the coast of Laslan players get a 30 minute buff called “Gigantrite’s Blessing” giving players 5 extra mana regeneration for the entire duration, this buff also activates the Foresight Wand’s passive ability Divine Beast’s Great Blessing. While on top of the Whale you are protected against hostile players and you get an extra buff.

On top of giving players a passive buff the Gigantrite also drops Vitalstones which can be harvested by players using mining. These stones can then be turned into Stellarite Element by turning it in to one of the water spouts on top of the whale.

The Gigantrite is also one of the only ways for players to get onto Saurodoma Island, by completing its route players can jump off right before the end to land on the island via their flying morph.

The Route

The Gigantrite follows a set path, spawning of the coast of fonos basin and making its first “Stop” in Purelight hills at the Purelight Tower. It circles every point of interest three times in order to let players on. It then heads to Starlight Observatory Ruins in order to let more people on. after this it completes it route only allowing players on at the highest point of the Sandworm Lair. After taking the scenic route through Stonegard it will eventually reach Saurodoma Island where it will allow players to jump off onto the island before it safely retreats back into the ocean.

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