Throne And Liberty Test Signup

During the Summer Games Fest 2023 Throne And Liberty unveiled its Throne And Liberty Test Signup plans, Find out where and how to sign up down below

Throne and Liberty Director's Preview

Throne And Liberty Test Signup

Our teams at Amazon Games and NCSOFT are excited to invite players into the world of Solisium. Together, we’re working to prepare an invite-only Technical Test for the regions supported by Amazon Games across PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

Interested in signing-up for a chance to participate? Visit our tester sign-up page.

In the vast world of Solisium, you and others seek out fragments of the Star of Sylaveth to harness absolute power in order to defeat Kazar, the Wraith of Conquest. You and those in your trusted guild have the ability to determine how to strategically achieve victory against both Kazar’s armies and rival guilds. The choice is yours as you engage in a seamless gameplay experience and battle for the throne.

The Technical Test will let players take a first look at THRONE AND LIBERTY and explore a world of full of depth and verticality – from rolling fields to open sky and expansive mountains. Fight large scale bosses, engage in field events, delve into massive dungeons, fight epic guild battles for territory and loot, battle in castle sieges and more.

Players will be able to experience the world of Solisium, provide feedback, and help our teams test the network infrastructure. We’ll have more information to share soon, after we announce the dates for the Technical Test.

Throne And Liberty Test Signup

Where and How to Sign Up

To signup to the Throne And Liberty Technical Test you will need to visit playthroneandliberty and head to the sign-up page. Once you arrive on this page you will need to sign in with your amazon login details.

Throne And Liberty Test Signup

After signing in with your Amazon you will be redirected back to the playthroneandliberty website and you will now be logged in and greeted by a Sign Up Complete banner, Further details can be found in your emails inbox (Note emails like these can often get lost in spam)

Throne And Liberty Test Signup
Throne And Liberty Test Signup

Have questions in the meantime? Checkout our FAQ, and stay up-to-date on THRONE AND LIBERTY news here, on MMO-Wiki. In the meantime make sure to wishlist the game on steam.


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