Obtaining White Cygnus : Measuring Cooperation Quest

Embark on a journey where precision meets cooperation, where challenges are overcome through skill and teamwork. In this article, we delve into the world of Measuring Cooperation: Obtaining White Cygnus, a quest that not only tests your abilities but also rewards your diligence. Join Rael, a member of the resistance, as he seeks assistance in surveying new terrains and conquering unforeseen obstacles.


Embarking on the quest, adventurers encounter Rael, a resilient member of the resistance, at the South of Daybreak Shore. Engaging in conversation, players quickly learn of Rael’s dilemma of a newly emerged island disrupting his terrain surveying efforts. Rael seeks assistance in recalibrating his measuring device, crucial for mapping the terrain accurately.


The Challenge

Upon activating the measuring device, players need to go to the newly awakened island not far from the shore.

measuring device

The urgency of reaching the southern rocky isle within 25 seconds adds to the pressure. Stamina becomes a vital factor, requiring adventurers to ensure it’s at maximum capacity before commencing the task.

fly to the island

Upon reaching the island, precision is key. Glide towards the center, aligning with the quest’s objective. Your efforts culminate as you successfully land, completing the task at hand and contributing to Rael’s mission.

glide to the center

Return to Daybreak Shore: Acknowledgment and Appreciation

With the quest accomplished, you return to Daybreak Shore, greeted by Rael’s commendations. Your swift action and unwavering cooperation have aided him in overcoming the challenges posed by the newfound island, solidifying your role as a valued ally.

talk ot rael

The Rewards: The White Cygnus

Among the rewards bestowed upon completion of the quest is the coveted White Cygnus glide morph. Renowned as the “aristocrats of the sky,” these majestic creatures captivate with their graceful flight and enigmatic aura. Their feathers, resilient to freezing temperatures, emit a luminous glow, embodying the mysteries that shroud them. You can now equip white cygnus as your personal morph glide.

White Cygnus

Embark on a journey where cooperation and precision reign supreme. Through the quest of Measuring cooperation at the daybreak shore, players discover the importance of teamwork and perseverance in overcoming challenges. With the rewards of the White Cygnus and the satisfaction of aiding Rael in his mission, the quest leaves a lasting impression of triumph and camaraderie.


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