How to get Berry Leather

Berries and how to get Berry Leather in Grounded can easily be overlooked when running from giant creepy-crawlies or adventuring with friends. However obtaining Berry Leather provides you with a plethora of tier upgrades for armour and more!

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How to get Berry Leather in Grounded

First things first you will want to find the location of berries, fortunately we can point you in the right direction of where to find berries in Grounded. Once you have found the berries and harvested the berry chunks – head back to your base of operation. As a result of getting the chunks you will now need to fire up your workbench (or build one if you haven’t already!) and get crafting!

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Obtaining Berry Leather is genuinely as easy as that! Firstly find the berries usually in the Hedge near the Hedge Lab. Once you grab the Berry Chunks desired you head back to the workbench and use x3 Berry Chunks per Berry Leather craft.

Berry Leather is used in various crafts and can craft items such as:

  • Spider armour set
  • Ladybug armour set
  • Bee Face Mask
  • Firefly Head Lamp
  • Insect Hammer
  • Berry Chair
  • And more!

Finally with this all in mind you should find yourself being able to equip yourself to a more than capable level. Eventually allowing you to take on the Pond Lab and other dangerous adventures!

Make sure to use the Analyzer for your new found materials in your nearest Lab or Field Station to grab extra brainpower and potential Grounded unlocks.


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