How to get the Fancy Fletching Trinket in Grounded

Do you like the bow and dealing damage from afar? Ta-dah! Introducing the Fancy Fletching Trinket. It is a brand new trinket that is good for players who use the bow or crossbow in grounded.

Crow Feather

How to get the Flancy Fletching Trinket

This trinket has a low drop chance when breaking a crow feather. Remember that crow feathers can only be chopped by a tier II tool. When trying to get the trinket we highly suggest using the Resource Surveyor to track where the feathers are.

Fancy Fletching Trinket

Fancy Fletching Trinket Effect

When equipped, it reduces stamina consumption when using the bow or the crossbow. It will most definitely help in dishing out more damage before exhausting your stamina bar.

Fancy Fletching Trinket

Additional Information

This trinket can be duplicated in the super duper machine. The duplication cost of the fancy fletching trinket is 5,000 raw science.

Duplication cost of Fancy Fletching Trinket

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