Grounded 1.0.4 Patch

Grounded 1.0.4 Patch

Happy Friday, crew! Grounded Patch 1.0.4 has just dropped ready for the weekend and its full of changes and fixes – including the Mantis being easier to stun, WooHoo, haha! On that note, here is our Grounded Mantis boss breakdown.

Patch Notes for Grounded 1.0.4 Patch

General Changes

  • Creature Cards in Grounded in the data tab are now sorted by creature tier.
  • The Game Report Card no longer requires Mutations to be unlocked for 100% completion as at least 1 mutation requires Multiplayer to unlock.

Creature Balance Changes

  • Spiders are no longer immune to poison, and instead have 25-90% poison resistance depending on species/tier. Black Widow being the exception, which is still fully immune to poison.
  • Black Widow no longer immune to Venom.
  • Increased the Mant’s phase based damage reduction by 20%
  • The Mantis is now easier to stun.

Item Balance Changes

  • Tick Macuahuitl damage reduced by 15%.
  • Widow Dagger damage reduced by 10%.
  • Base damage of most poison effects (player and enemy) reduced by about 10%.
  • Broodmother Club’s Apex Predator effect now applies venom instead of poison (so it bypasses immunities and resistances).
  • Mantis Scythe now costs 25% less stamina to swing.
  • Black Ox Armor’s “Overbearing” effect proc chance with a full set upped from 30% to 80%.
  • Black Ox Armor set bonus now adds much more stun damage to melee charge attacks.
  • Prod Smacker damage increased by 50%.
  • Moth armor set “Ranged Cut” effect proc chance with a full set upped from 15% to 60%.
  • Moth armor set “Ranged Cut” effect rescaled from 10 damage per second for 10 seconds to 20 damage per second for 5 seconds.
  • Tripled the stun value of the Sour Battleaxe.
  • Bee Armor’s “Bow Stun” effectiveness doubled.
  • Ladybird Shield’s “Block Free Attack” now applies to all attacks for 5 seconds instead of clearing on the first attack after it triggers.
  • Compliance Badge base heal reduced from 10HP to 8HP
  • Mantis Trinket now grants stamina on crit 100% of the time instead of 50% of the time
  • Mantis Trinket stamina granted on crit increased from 20 to 50

Mutation Balance Changes

  • Corporate Kickback’s 100% lifesteal effect now works on all attacks for 5 seconds after activation, instead of just the first attack.
  • Natural Explorer movement speed increase changed from 3/6/10% to 20/35/50%.
  • Natural Explorer now gets disabled when fighting creatures.

Crafting Balance Changes

  • All flavored arrows now craft in stacks of 10 for 1 piece of candy/salt.
  • Gas and Super Gas arrows now craft in stacks of 5 for 1 gas/super gas sack.
  • Super Venom Arrows now craft in stacks of 10 for 1 super venom gland.

Crash Fixes

  • Fixed occasional crash that could occur when eating or drinking items.
  • Fixed crash that could occur while charging up a magic staff.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when opening up the Map screen.

Bug Fixes

Major Fixes

  • The previously unobtainable “Mixing Rig” note has been placed in the yard now for pickup.
  • Game Report Card now checks for the correct number of SCA.B pickups and Yard data.
  • Clients who disconnect or save while incapacitated but not dead will no longer lose their equipment when they rejoin.

Other Fixes

  • You will no longer always go up some ziplines when interacting with them.
  • In-progress drag-and-drop operations are cancelled when you die to prevent item duplication.
  • Bomb arrows now properly deal damage when launched from a fully charged bow shot.
  • Bomb arrows now properly deal damage when under the effect of Quickdraw, the set bonus of the antlion armor set.
  • Waft Emitter rage bars properly fill up again.
  • Improved creature navigation issues around the trash biome.
  • Upgrading magic staves actually increases the damage done from them.

A large but fantastic Grounded 1.0.4 Patch.

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Grounded 1.0.4 Patch


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