Grounded Patch 1.2.3

Grounded Patch 1.2.3

Grounded Patch 1.2.3 has been released! Another Grounded Patch! Obsidian Entertainment are still continuing to release more patches, which is incredible for the backgarden survivors. It includes nothing but good changes. As you can see, even the extremely tough Infected Broodmother has been weakened!

Grounded Patch 1.2.3

โ€˜Hello everyone! We have just released patch 1.2.3 in order to fix some issues you have been reporting. Please update your game as soon as you can and let us know if you continue to experience any further issues.โ€™

Grounded Patch 1.2.3

Bug Fixes / Changes


  • Blaster of the Moldy Matriarch now works with the Apex Predator mutation.
  • Blastwave and Clusterbomb no longer deal friendly fire damage.
  • Quick Shot Refund and Charged Shot Combo now have double the duration after being procced.
  • Pinecones drop more pieces when harvested.
  • Hauling Hero mutation and Chillax achievement will unlock after loading your game if you have achieved max coziness and they did not unlock before.
  • Adjusting some falling bomb placements in the Infected Broodmother lair to cover more area.
  • Infected Broodmother slower combo attacks now deal less damage but more block gauge damage.
  • Turret audio for the various different ammo types has been improved.
  • Adjustments to the Infected Broodmother lair to prevent players from cheesing.

Crash Fixes:

  • Fixed memory leak that was causing out of memory crashes after playing for a short while.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur with burrowing creatures.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when ending a conversation with player choices.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when placing buildings.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when looking at buildings.

Bug Fixes:

  • Venom Coating no longer affects the player when activated.
  • Poison Nova now actually doesnโ€™t friendly fire.
  • Critical Chain effect now procs on all crits, not just charged attack crits.
  • The Infected Broodmother will no longer drop 2 overlapping smoke clouds when she dodges.
  • Life Steal effects are now buffed by + healing received effects and reduced by โ€“ healing received effects.
  • Wasp Queen Chunks and Heads now respect milk molar upgraded stack sizes.
  • Splatbursts and the Volatile Fang explosion now properly benefit from effects that trigger/buff explosions.
  • Infected Broodmother egg attack no longer can explode after it has been destroyed.
  • Block Corrosion effect from the Fire Ant Shield works again.
  • Text-to-speech no longer reads chat messages twice at a time.

We hope you liked our โ€œGrounded Patch 1.2.3โ€ guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded โ€“ Interactive Map.


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