How to get the Wasp Queen Trinket in Grounded

Are you a ranged player who loves to use the bow or crossbow on Grounded? Then you will want to check out our, โ€œhow to get the Wasp Queen Trinket in Grounded guideโ€. Having this trinket equipped, you will have a 25% chance for all bows/crossbows not to use that arrow which was fired.

How to get the Wasp Queen Trinket in Grounded

How to get the Wasp Queen Trinket in Grounded

To actually obtain the trinket is a simple factor of just fighting the Wasp Queen multiple times and hoping the item drops. 

We recommend that you check out our 2 guides below. These will be required to help you get the Wasp Queen Trinket easily.

As you will need to enter the Brawly Boy Bin and fight the Wasp Queen many times for the chance for the trinket to drop. we have recommended our Boss guide to help you get into the location and prepare and defeat the boss.

Our team has recommended the Dissection Expert mutation to use, as that increases the drop rate of items from creatures by 10%. This will increase your chances of finally getting your hands on the Wasp Queen Trinket.

Two extra factors that should be known are that the Wasp Queen Trinket costs 10,000 Raw Science to Duplicate this item in the Super Duper machine. 

In the meantime, if using arrows such as Arrows, Feather Arrows, or Splinter Arrows, it can slowly duplicate them overtime if you keep retrieving all the arrows that are shot.

We hope you liked our โ€œHow to get the Wasp Queen Trinket in Groundedโ€ guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded โ€“ Interactive Map.


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