Mossy Key Location in Grounded

Lets find the Mossy Key Location in Grounded! While journeying through the Backyard you may have come across The Pond. Much like you would expect from an underwater adventure, there is a chance in finding secret treasure! Deep below you will come across a Mossy Chest, but it is locked!

Get ready to jump in.

Mossy Key Location

Firstly you will have to make sure you have some form of gear that helps you swim underwater and breathe. This can be either the Bubble Helmet or Gill Tube. Make sure to bring an underwater weapon such as a Pebblet Dagger. Starting from the picture above, dive into the water and begin your descent to the depths! Eventually you will have come across a black cable leading into a hole on the Pond floor. Follow that cable through and move past the giant dinosaur – while looking down you will have found the Mossy Chest!

Now that we have located the chest, it will require one Mossy Key to open it! Once you are ready to move on, make a 180 turn from the chest and carry on into the underwater cavern, at this point you will have came across the Pond Lab area. Continue towards and above the destroyed and sunken part of the lab that is disconnected from the rest. It is worth noting that inside the structure you can find a powerful charm; the Toxicology Badge!

Underwater science!

As a result of reaching this far, you may want to find either an air bubble to top up your breath meter or head inside the Lab to catch your breath. Once you are ready to go again, head up towards the lights directly above the structure. To your right you will have found a small entrance, head inside!

Don’t be afraid.

Follow the tunnel through till you reach a more open area with a black cable running through it, just below – you will have found the Mossy Key! Now it is time to head back to the chest and claim your treasure!

Mossy Key chest opening


As a result of finding the Mossy Key Location in Grounded you are rewarded with both the Mega Milk Molar which can provide team-wide upgrades and the Sunken Outpost BURG.L Chip which will unlock the opportunity to buy recipes such as being able to craft Splatburst, and upgrade your Fin Flops and Diving Lantern via the ASL Terminal.


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