Complete Guide to Skill Growth / Skillpoints in Throne and Liberty

In the intricate world of Throne and Liberty, mastering the art of skill growth is paramount to success. Whether you’re a seasoned player seeking to optimize your strategy or a newcomer eager to navigate the complexities of character development, understanding the nuances of skill points is the key to unlocking untold potential.

Guide to Skill Growth / Skillpoints in Throne and Liberty

This guide offers a deep dive into the mechanics of skill growth, providing insights into skill acquisition and advanced tactics for specialization. With every choice carrying weight and every skill being a precious resource, the guide empowers players to make informed decisions that shape the destiny of their characters. Whether aspiring to be cunning strategists, formidable warriors, or masters of arcane arts, readers will find the knowledge and insight needed to forge their legend in Throne and Liberty.

Skills Upgrade

In Throne and Liberty, skill growth is facilitated through the use of Special Skill Books, which come in two types: Training and Improvement Books. Training Books are designated for upgrading Active Skills, while Improvement Books enhance Passive Skills. The quality of the Skill determines the type of Book required for upgrading. For instance, leveling up an Uncommon (Green) Active Skill necessitates Uncommon (Green) Training Books. Weapon Skills unlock gradually as you progress, starting with Uncommon ones and later progressing to Rare (Blue) or Epic (Purple) skills.

Skills Upgrade Menu

Each skill has five levels before its quality can be improved. As the level of a skill increases, so do the requirements for Books. Although upgrading requires a substantial investment of Books, it is a worthwhile endeavor as it not only enhances the skill’s damage but also introduces additional effects. For example, Zephyr’s Nock Longbow Skill exhibits increased base damage and deals additional damage to Crowd Controlled enemies in its Epic (Purple) version. The percentage of growth achieved by leveling a skill with books varies based on its quality, ranging from 40% for Common skills to 100% for Special ones, streamlining progression for those fortunate enough to acquire Special Books.

Skill Growth

Skill Books in Throne and Liberty

There are various methods available to obtain Skill Books in Throne and Liberty. These include receiving them as rewards for completing Main or Side Quests, earning them through Contracts, or crafting them independently. As you progress in levels, you’ll accumulate a substantial number of Skill Books that can assist your skill growth both Active and Passive Skills. However, it’s important to recognize that this supply of Skill Books isn’t unlimited. To optimize their effectiveness, early decisions must be made regarding which two Weapons to focus on, prioritizing the leveling up of preferred skills from them.

Skill Books

The most reliable way to acquire Skill Books for your Weapon Skills is by fulfilling Contracts and participating in Dynamic Events. Opt for Contracts that offer Skill Books as rewards for your chosen Weapon Skills and complete them accordingly.

Rewards for Contracts

Crafting Skill Books presents another viable option for accumulating enough resources to upgrade your Skills in Throne and Liberty. However, this necessitates a sufficient quantity of Parchments and Marind. Parchments can be acquired from Dynamic Events, while Marinds are most consistently obtained by exploring Open World Dungeons. Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, visit the Skills Researcher NPC in one of the main Towns to craft your Skill Books.

Skill Growth Conversion

One captivating aspect of Throne and Liberty’s upgrade system is its ability to transfer upgrade levels between skill growth. Within the upgrade transfer window, players can select the recipient skill and the donor skill. It’s essential to note that the degree of improvement transferred is influenced not only by the enhancement level but also by the grade of the skills involved. The transferred improvement level remains consistent if both skills share the same grade. However, when the skills differ in grade, the improvement value is adjusted and applied according to the grade of each skill. If you want to learn more about Skill Conversion, Click Here!

Skill Conversion


In conclusion, mastering skill growth and skill points in Throne and Liberty is essential for players aiming to excel in the game. From understanding the mechanics of skill growth and acquisition to strategically allocating resources like Skill Books, this guide equips players with the knowledge needed to optimize their characters’ development. With diligence and informed decision-making, players can forge formidable heroes capable of leaving a lasting mark on the realms of Throne and Liberty.  If you found this article helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Throne and Liberty on our homepage!


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