Everything You Need To Know About Crafting In Throne And Liberty

Crafting is one of a few ways of obtaining higher quality gear in Throne And Liberty. Crafting allows players to use up their lithographs and other resources to obtain new piece of gear like armor, weapons and accessories.

Crafting Window


Crafting in Throne And Liberty allows players to craft a large variety of items:

Using a variety of resources players can craft these items at their appropriate crafters:

Weapon Crafter

Gathering Your Resources

In order to craft anything you will first need to find the required resources, you can check what you need at the crafters. Depending on what you are trying to craft you can obtain the resources through open field farming, gathering or questing. If you are specifically trying to craft some new gear you will also need the proper lithograph which you can obtain through various ways including the Lithograph Book.

Roaming Crafters

Roaming Crafter

Throne And Liberty has 2 Roaming Crafters, one of which allows players to craft rare weapons using soul stones of the dead which can be obtained from killing mobs in Syleus Abyss. And the other crafter allows players to craft rare weapons using lithographs sold at the guild vendor after reaching guild level 10. These vendors can be found roaming between Vienta and Canina Village.

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