Throne and Liberty Beta Test Information

Exciting news for T&L Fans around the world as an official video just released confirming a Throne and Liberty Beta Test for May 24th to May 30th. Here at MMO-Wiki we absolutely love the feeling you get watching a video from the creators of T&L, NCSoft. The videos always feel like they genuinely care about the success of the game – maybe that’s the copium talking!

Throne and Liberty Beta Test

NCSoft stated: “We thought the game needed to be seen in a new light, this is why we decided to do a beta test.”

This news follows on from a recent article published by a Korean business news website. We were not expecting an official announcement so soon from NCSoft themselves but we feel this will be warmly welcomed by the MMORPG Community.

They continue on by saying “T&L is the first PC MMORPG to be released by NC in 11 years, looking back on each IP that NC has relapsed, all of them overcame meaningful challenges and achieved significant success.

Were working hard to make the game as captivating as our previous games but at the same time, there are also a lot of concerns.

Will everything go as planned? Will everything work out like we want?

Throne and Liberty Beta Test

We received a lot of feedback from our players during February’s FGT. Some of the feedback we heard we agreed with and some we didn’t but it was invaluable to hear so many different opinions.

We’re always running in-house tests but the team have gotten used to the game however we know there is always room for improvement, and we thought that the game needed to be seen in a new light. Such thoughts led us to think about doing another test.

We want to hear from a wide audience instead of us just exchanging opinions with each other. T&L is more fun when you play with others. We want to invite a lot of players and show how much fun T&L is when you play together. We want to hear what our players have to say.

We think our players are the final piece to making T&L as fun as possible.”

Throne and Liberty Beta Test

You will be able to sign up to the Throne and Liberty Beta Test between 2nd – 14th May and the Beta test will be help between 24th – 30th May. Please note, you must be a resident of South Korea to participate in the test.

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