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Throne and Liberty by NCSoft is set to launch on both PC and PlayStation 5. Previously known as ‘Project TL’ during its development phase, Throne and Liberty is an upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that originally started as a next-generation iteration of Lineage but has since evolved into its distinct entity.

Throne and Liberty in game

This game places a strong emphasis on narrative-driven content and presents players with unique cooperative challenges to tackle collaboratively. A standout gameplay feature includes the ability for players to transform into various animals, enabling faster exploration and traversal across the game world. Moreover, it appears that players will also have the capacity to carry or transport other players, possibly akin to acting as mounts.

Throne and Liberty Combat

Game producer Ahn Jong-ok released a letter on September 12, 2023, discussing the Throne and Liberty combat changes and other development directions that have occurred since the beta test in May. Here are the points mentioned in the letter.

Throne and Liberty Combat Updates

Dynamic Battle with Choices

During the planning of the large-scale war aspect of the game, Ahn Jong-ok said that the team implemented character collisions and restricted attack actions from happening simultaneously with movement. However, this design choice led to problems with movement and limited player freedom, which were more noticeable during battles in peaceful zones rather than in large-scale war situations. The following are said to be the Throne and Liberty combat changes.

Throne and Liberty Dynamic Battle
  • The entire Throne and Liberty combat system has been modified to enable attacks while in motion.
  • Character conflicts have been resolved in all regions except those designated as conflict zones.
  • Reduced the inertia effect when changing direction to enhance the responsiveness of controls, improving Throne and Liberty combat mechanics.

Jong-ok also noted that while these Throne and Liberty combat changes have been integrated into the game, it doesn’t imply that the Throne and Liberty combat system has undergone a complete overhaul. Nevertheless, the initial step in transitioning from static Throne and Liberty combat to dynamic involved allowing simultaneous movement and combat. He added that consideration for character conflicts was reevaluated without compromising the tactical aspect of group battles, resulting in these conflicts being excluded from peaceful areas. Additionally, the inertial effect initially meant to enhance realism when changing direction, unintentionally increased the frustration associated with movement, leading to a significant reduction in Throne and Liberty combat experience.

Additional Skills

Following the removal of numerous operational limitations, Jong-ok emphasized a shift towards refining skills. The previous constraints on skill usage had hindered players from actively strategizing during their gameplay. As a result, efforts were undertaken in various aspects to expand combat choices and enhance the diversity of Throne and Liberty combat elements.

Throne and Liberty Skills
  • Apart from focusing on targeting skills, numerous fresh skill types have been introduced, including those that allow directional targeting or precise strikes, depending on the PC’s operating conditions.
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According to Jong-ok, the majority of skills were restricted to targeted strikes, wide-area attacks focused on a target, and attacks directed at the player character during the early stages of development because the main goal was to streamline gameplay. As a result, the variety of Throne and Liberty combat was limited by a monotonous control system, a boring Throne and Liberty combat experience, and a sluggish rate of skill advancement.

Furthermore, he said that the addition of additional skill kinds upends the straightforward gaming rhythm and encourages the use of more strategic skill applications. Players now have access to a greater range of options and a superior throne and liberty combat experience from the very beginning of the game thanks to changes made to the initial skill allocation and the pace of skill learning.

Weapon System

Jong-ok stated that they are actively exploring methods to enhance the fluidity of weapon switching. The game’s weapon system, which involves equipping and using two types of weapons, is a crucial aspect of Throne and Liberty combat mechanics. However, the current implementation of combining weapons has notable restrictions. Given the system’s intention to allow for diverse weapon combinations tailored to individual preferences and concepts, adjustments in this area were deemed necessary.

Throne and Liberty Weapon System
  • The updated stat system enhances the fighting dynamics of both Throne and Liberty. Previously, certain attributes were only related to the attack power of specific weapons.
  • Attributes like Fighting spirit, Skill, Wisdom, and Insight now impact the attacking potency of all weapons, with a broadened scope for additional abilities beyond just attack strength, improving Throne and Liberty combat mechanics.
  • Passive skills associated with weapons, which previously had effects limited to specific weapon types, have been modified to apply uniformly across all weapons, improving Throne and Liberty combat mechanics.
  • Lightened the load of managing multiple pieces of equipment by expanding the sources for crafting initial gear and acquiring reinforcement materials.

Fast Game Experience

Jong-ok also talked about the alterations made to the in-game progression system. In the MMORPG genre, extended gameplay has always been a fundamental characteristic. Considering the genre’s extensive history, they observed that the inclusion of an automatic hunting system had become a common expectation in MMORPGs due to its accumulation over time. Consequently, they decided to adopt this trend and introduce an automatic hunting feature. Nevertheless, they now believe that this decision may have been made too hastily. Because during the beta testing, players were disappointed about automatic hunting from other players.

Throne and Liberty Automation
  • The functions of autonomous mobility and hunting have been eliminated.

Colorful Growth Experience

Since the growth phase now includes more content-driven gameplay, it has led to natural adjustments in the speed of character progression. Manual play no longer demands as much time as it did previously. Consequently, the time needed to level up, tweak equipment, and develop skills has been significantly reduced.

Throne and Liberty Growth Experience
  • The duration required for leveling up has been notably shortened.
  • We’ve accelerated equipment progression by expanding the availability of materials necessary for crafting and enhancing equipment.
  • Skills are now acquired automatically as your character levels up, and the quantity of materials required to enhance skills has been augmented to expedite skill development.

The amount of time needed for character development has been matched to manual play through to the highest level. Level 30 now takes a third less time to attain than in the beta test, while level 50, the highest level at which access is permitted, takes just a tenth of the time.

Other Improvements and Additions

Upon removing automation, the game transformed into more meaningful content-driven gameplay rather than simple repetitive hunting. While the game did possess certain elements in this regard, developers felt the need to augment the quantity of new content and enhance the quality of existing features.

Throne and Liberty Addition of Dungeons
  • The emphasis on hunting during the progression phase has been notably reduced.
  • The experience rewards for adventure codex, exploration codex, and regional events have been substantially boosted.
  • Additional mission components beyond hunting are being incorporated into both the exploration codex and resistance quests.
  • In the process of developing several party-based instance dungeons that necessitate defeating bosses.

In MMORPGs, cooperative play is essential, yet chances to engage in it are sometimes restricted by sizable guilds. Party-level instance dungeons have been added for smaller group cooperative play as a solution to this problem. These dungeons will be accessible upon the official launch; they were not included in the beta test. Unlike open fields, which rely just on numbers, these dungeons demand particular methods and coordination to defeat. By adding these new collaborative content updates, the growth process is intended to become more diverse. The game’s current content now has less of a hunting balance. During the beta testing phase, Jong-ok saw that a considerable percentage of gamers were absorbed in what he called “exploration”.

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Throne and Liberty’s New Contents

Throne and Liberty combat is more than just the community-provided stuff that Ahn Jong-ok offered. To gratify its players, it also has a variety of content additions.

Addition of Powerful Enemies

Malacca – The Eye That Watches Over Death

Often referred to as the Eye of Death, Malaka is a multiverse-dwelling entity that regularly calls upon her other selves from different dimensions. Not only may these clones be destroyed to release energy, but they can also be set off to cause harm. If the player does not use the clone to block Malaka’s energy beam, it will be difficult to resist her powerful attack and the player will have to suffer the damage. Still, you should proceed with caution since extended exposure to the energy beam might be dangerous.

Throne and Liberty Malacca

Archboss Tevent

In TL, you’ll encounter yet another Archboss, by the name of Tevent. Originally a court wizard ensnared by a potent enchantment, he has been reborn as an enormous skeleton. While his colossal frame packs a punch with physical attacks, Tevent’s true strength lies in his mastery of black magic and the formidable curses he employs, which can be overwhelming for players. Defeating Tevent requires a more complex approach. The curses wielded by Tevent are responsive to water. To counter his curses, one must purify them using the clear water flowing through the circular moat surrounding Tevent’s dwelling.

Throne and Liberty Tevent

A Wider World

The vast continent of TL has many undiscovered secrets, revealing to players new areas to discover later on along with the stories that lie therein.

Canyon of the Orcs – Ponos Basin

Tension is always present in the Ponos Basin, a canyon that contains the shrine honoring the fierce Ponos Orcs, who were the fiercest warriors in the Coliseum continent’s history. They may explode into violence at any time, which is why the Raslan Guard is always keeping an eye on them. I mean, there’s already an air of impending combat here, don’t you think?

Throne and Liberty Ponos Basin

The Night Of The Beast – Grayclaw Forest

The native Lycan Kowanzuki tribe, who live in Graytalon Forest, is enraged by the fact that human expansion has taken nearly half of their territory, which has led to a bloody battle with the resistance warriors. It is with hesitation that the Kowanzuki tribe discusses the destruction of the important bridge that connected the northern half of Grayclaw Forest. Delving into Graytalon Forest might reveal its hidden mysteries.

Throne and Liberty Grayclaw Forest

Forbidden Zone – Lizard Island

Though it appears to be near the continent, Lizard Island, a volcanic island seen across the Stoneguard Sea, should not be approached carelessly. It is home to the Lizard tribe, which is distinguished by its ability to move quickly over land and sea. It is dangerous to enter their region as they are warlike and a serious menace to ships traveling the sea.

Throne and Liberty Lizard Island

Party Instance Dungeon

To guarantee that gamers of various tastes may find a fulfilling and difficult experience, Jong-ok emphasized their attention to keeping a balanced and broad selection of material. Numerous expansive features have already been included, such as the Adventure and Exploration Codex for lone players, Tidal’s Tower, a stage-type dungeon for private play, and Siege and Archboss for cooperative players. They have since included a group instance dungeon that is intended for six-person party play in keeping with this.

Throne and Liberty Party Instance Dungeon

Breakthrough Section

There is a “breakthrough section” before facing the monster and a “boss section” where the real Throne and Liberty combat takes place in the Party Instance Dungeon. Designers put a lot of effort into making the dungeon fun, with a particular emphasis on a traditional squad of Throne and Liberty combat. They made the process interesting rather than forcing players to race through the dungeon to reach the monster. One-shot kills advance players collectively, although the portions don’t go on for too long. To keep the audience interested and avoid boring, time-consuming scenes, they are carefully adjusting the density and complexity. Every dungeon also features distinct gameplay, such as solving riddles instead of merely standard Throne and Liberty combat.

Throne and Liberty Breakthrough Section

Boss Section

The pinnacle of the party instance dungeon experience lies in the boss section, where a total of only six party members must overcome a meticulously orchestrated challenge. Due to this restricted setting, a highly strategic formation becomes crucial. The developers aim to introduce more dynamic elements through the weapon combination system, a central feature in their game. Unlike field bosses that can assail any nearby players, these bosses within party instance dungeons offer elevated difficulty levels, promising heightened tension and enjoyment. These dungeon bosses are formidable adversaries.

Throne and Liberty Boss Section

Heliver – Guide Of The Abyss

Helliver is an unnervingly relentless pursuer who singles out one member from the attacking group and fixates on them. He frequently employs area-of-effect spells that have the potential to swiftly eliminate those he’s locked onto. Unless other allies step into the damage zone and help absorb the damage, the targeted individual won’t survive. Failing to rescue your comrades from this instant death attack could leave you vulnerable to becoming Helliver’s next target.

Throne and Liberty Heliver


To make Throne and Liberty combat more dynamic and interesting, the mechanism has been completely redesigned. Balance, a variety of skill sets, and solo and cooperative play have all been given top priority by the creators. The Throne and Liberty combat system has been redesigned to prioritize strategy, teamwork, and a variety of difficult encounters by eliminating automation, changing skill acquisition, and altering character growth. An engaging and fulfilling gameplay experience is the goal of the Throne and Liberty combat system.

We hope you enjoyed and gained new information about Throne and Liberty combat updates and other additional content in the game. If you found this guide helpful, let us know in our community’s discord. Check out more guides for Throne and Liberty on our Homepage MMO-Wiki.


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