Speed Droplet Trinket in Grounded

Patched 1.2 dropped and it brought us so much content, which included a whole new zone, equipment and trinkets! The two hardest trinkets to come from this patch in Grounded are, Volatile Fang Trinket and the Speed Droplet Trinket. But our team have put together a post for each of these, so you can get your hands on them!

Speed Droplet Trinket in Grounded

Speed Droplet in Grounded

The Speed Droplet Trinket is a tedious trinket to get, because it is all based on the luck of stealing it from attacking an Aphid. We strongly recommend checking our guides out, such as Sticky Fingers Trinket and the Rascal Rogue Mutation and getting these first. These massively increase your chances of stealing items from the enemy when attacking them.

Sadly, there is no fast way to do this except just wishing on your own luck to get the Speed Droplet Trinket. We recommend for players just to head towards one of the best hot spots for Aphids, which is the Oak Tree with the Pebblet Spear.

Once you have all this, save the game and equip your Sticky Fingers Trinket and the Rascal Rogue Mutation and your Pebblet Spear. Roam around the Oak Tree and you will notice many Aphids around this area.

Unfortunately, they only let you get 1-2 hits before they die, but if you can find as many as you can, then you can reload the save game and go again until it drops from the Aphids. There is also an Infected Wolf Spider around this location too, which you can kill for the chance to get the Volatile Fang Trinket.

This can take a long period of time, as sadly, the drop chance is very low. Due to this, our team recommends just keeping the perk and mutation active on your journey in the garden and killing them when you stumble across them. In time, you will get the trinket.

Once you have successfully stolen the trinket, make sure to save the game! Congratulations! You can now run faster and longer distances. We highly recommend this Droplet with the Natural Explorer Mutation and the Aphid Slippers, to run at an extremely fast and long pace.

We hope you liked our β€œSpeed Droplet Trinket in Grounded guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded β€“ Interactive Map.


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