Volatile Fang Trinket in Grounded

Patched 1.2 dropped and it brought us so much content, which included a new boss fight, equipment and trinkets! The two hardest trinkets to come from this patch in Grounded are, Volatile Fang Trinket and the Speed Droplet Trinket. But our team have put together a post for each of these, so you can get your hands on them!

Volatile Fang Trinket in Grounded

Volatile Fang Trinket in Grounded

The Volatile Fang Trinket is a tedious trinket to get, because it is all based on the luck of stealing it from attacking an Infected Wolf Spider. So you will need to prepare yourself for this. We strongly recommend checking our guides out, such as Sticky Fingers Trinket and the Rascal Rogue Mutation and getting these first. These massively increase your chances of stealing items from the enemy when attacking them.

Once you have managed to get the phase 3 mutation and the trinket, you will need to turn the gas off in the garden. This will allow the Wolf Spiders to become Infected Wolf Spiders.

Sadly, there is no easy way to do this except just wishing on your own luck to get the Volatile Fang Trinket. We recommend gearing up with your best Tier 3 gear, equipping the Sticky Fingers trinket and Rascal Rogue mutation and heading towards the Oak Tree. You will discover that underneath in the center of the Oak Tree is an Infected Wolf Spider. 

Save the game and attack the spider. The more hits you can get on the spider, the more chance it has to drop the item. But due to the enemy being extremely tough, we recommend just going full force and killing the spider.Β 

If you do not get the trinket the first time. Load back up the save and repeat the process until you get it. Do not be discouraged as it took many attempts for the MMO-Wiki team to obtain the trinket.

Once you have successfully stolen the trinket, make sure to save the game! Congratulations! You can now cause big explosions when perfectly blocking an attack. This works extremely well for sword and shield users.

We hope you liked our β€œVolatile Fang Trinket in Grounded guide. Please also check out our latest Grounded β€“ Interactive Map.


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